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Student Government Association

Student Council

Student Council is made up of our ASB Officers and Class Representatives. They meet on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 8am. Student Council reports to the Director of Activities.

Student Government - ASB Officers

ASB Officers are determined by student election. ASB is made up of our President, Vice President, Secretary/Treasurer, Publicity Director, and Activities Director. These positions are re-elected each spring.

Class Representatives

Our Class Representatives are made up of two students from each class. They are responsible for class parties, event planning, and being a voice for their class.


2023-2024 ASB Officers


President: Annabelle Thome
Vice Presidents: Charlotte Friend and Brooke Wingard
Secretary: Drew Le
Treasurer:  Gabe Wong
Publicity Director: Sam Ayala
Activities Directors: Sarah Campbell & Jayne Desimone

2023-2024 Class Representatives


Senior: Sierra Ewert & Everett Sundholm
Junior: Mariah Zell & Mateo Storm
Sophomore: Samantha Shepard & Noah Wilson
Freshman:  Raine Spencer & Andy Wong


Past STUCO officers


ASB Officers

President - Miriam Griffin

Vice Presidents - Grace Askew and Gabby Thom

Secretary/Treasurer - Keegan Mako

Publicity Director - Maxine Packman

Activities Directors - Andre Steyn and Annabelle Thome

Class Representatives

Senior Class Reps - Megan Blodgett and Jillian Prince

Junior Class Reps - Drew Le and Samantha Ayala

Sophomore Class Reps - Sarah Campbell and Gabe Wong

Freshman Class Reps - Jayne Desimone and Brennan McReynolds