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Class of 2024 Senior Retreat

Fall Retreat 2023 - Canby Grove Conference Center

Each year the senior class goes on a retreat to start the year and to finish the year. The Senior Fall retreat this year was held at Canby Grove Conference Center. This was a sweet time of students leading each other as a handful of staff got to watch the students interact all together as a class. The time of worship, led by students was beautiful and a sweet. This was a weekend of simply unplugging and fellowshipping together as a class.

Senior retreat was a refreshing and bonding experience. I think that spending time outside of school with my senior class was amazing, you could feel the bonding happening between everyone. It was also a very spiritual experience, I loved being able to help out leading worship, just watching and listening to everyone worship with such a passion for Christ made me so happy and left me completely amazed at how God was moving throughout the whole time at retreat.   - Senior

Throughout the retreat, I witnessed the students' deepening sense of community and spiritual growth. It was heartwarming to see them come together in prayer, worship, and discussions about their faith journeys. The moments of worship and devotion were particularly powerful, as students shared with one another and openly expressed their faith and gratitude.

- Assistant Principal for Academics and Campus Ministry, Dr. Stephen Torode

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